From a Branch of Memory

All things begin with memory … one way or another.  Whether it is the genetic memory of RNA and DNA or the natural-memory of fight or flight or the physiological-memory of muscles that allow me to type or the life-memory of which I compose the stories in this collection. All things, begin with memory.

From these memories we build branches. Large trees over a lifetime, with connections branching out over thousands of miles, hundreds of thousands of hours, 10’s of thousands of human interactions – all make-up what we call, Memory.

Yes. None of us remember them all.  But, every memory we have had – no matter how small, big, amazing, bland, happy, sad, wonderful, frightening, joyous or disappointing … It’s In There.  In our subconscious brain.  On that great gray-matter of neurological amazement.  If we could search the database of our memories with ease, what a reservoir of the 360 degrees of emotion that would be.

No doubt we are blessed with some filtering of memory. For who but a psychologist would ever want us to remember the frightful, sad and horrifying memories of our life’s worst moments.  No one sane. This is for certain. But how wonderful it would be if we could relive the highest points of our lives.  And how about remembering the lessons learned: yes, good, bad and even ugly.  A storehouse of treasure that would become.

But this is only part of what the, ‘branch of memory’, found on the banks of Allusion Creek will become.  These are memories triggered by not only our experiences, but the experiences we have known of others as well.  Some we would dearly love to experience in our own personal plane. Others we pray earnestly that we never do -and thankful we have not.

Allusion Creek finds the triggers in images – that deep down – incite us to recall memory or create memory from bits-and-pieces of real or imagined memory.  To created what is uniquely human: pleasurable creative paths of memory that could have been; or yet possible.  All triggered purely for joy and enjoyment.

Yet we also find them being educational.  For if we are vivid enough in our memory vision, we may lean that the supposed joyful path, is not so seek-worthy after all. Thus, saving us a real-world trauma. Yet, learning the lesson.

Just like a computer learning under the auspices of AI (artificial intelligence), our memory-visions can help us learn without ever having to experience in real-life. As well, the more robust our memory banks, the more replete and beneficial will be the memory-vision.

Thus, I invite you to join our little float/stroll/wade/swim .. however you wish … along Allusion Creek.  It will be a revelation for sure.  An enjoyment, I hope.

May your Memory Vision be improved upon dining at the bank of Allusion Creek.

— Wyatt Sachs